A walk in the sky is supposed to be a chill and relaxing experience. But not in this version of Only Up! The Speedrun edition is here to crank up the adrenaline to eleven! Get ready to dash, leap, and sprint your way through the magnificent sky levels in the shortest time possible, like a turbo-charged rocket on a mission!

Only up – and fast!

In Only Up Speedrun, Jackie’s got a need for speed, and so do you! The slums have never seen anyone move this fast. You’ll be blazing through the levels like a lightning bolt, leaving a trail of excitement in your wake!

As you take on this speedrun challenge, everything changes. The obstacles that once felt like a leisurely stroll now become heart-pounding hurdles that you must conquer in the blink of an eye. One false move, and you’re back to square one – but hey, that’s all part of the thrill!

Jackie’s agility is at its peak, and you’ll be pulling off insane moves that’ll make even the best parkour experts green with envy. It’s like a dance of speed and precision as you run on narrow pipes, perform death-defying jumps, and climb like a ninja on a caffeine rush.

Every second counts in Only Up: Speedrun Edition, and you’ll be making split-second decisions that would impress even the coolest action heroes. You have to count on your intuition and sheer reflexes that will often save you in the last moment. Trust your instincts, rely on your skills, and embrace the chaos as you race against the clock!

No time to think, act on the fly!

But here’s the deal – speedrun means no time for sightseeing or small talk with frozen NPCs. You’ll have to leave no stone unturned, no bed un-jumped, and no corner unexplored to find the fastest route to the top.

Your decision-making skills will be put to the ultimate test. Should you risk taking a shortcut that could save precious seconds but might lead to a slip-up? Or should you play it safe and go for the steady but slower path? Only Up: Speedrun Edition is all about mastering the art of precision and honing your reflexes to superhero levels.

So get ready for an adrenaline-fueled joyride with Jackie! Only Up: Speedrun Edition will push you to the limits and leave you craving for that sweet taste of victory. It’s a wild ride, it’s a thrilling challenge, and it’s the ultimate test of your skills! Let’s go, speedy adventurers – the clock’s ticking, and the journey to the top awaits!

Only Up Speedrun

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