Hold on to your dreams and get ready for the wildest adventure in Only Up! It will take you so high the earth and everything on it will turn into a green blur, and you’ll be making your way through the clouds, higher than the birds and even planes fly. And this is no exaggeration!

When dreams come true

In Only Up, you play as a dreamy kid with a wild imagination, who’s sick and tired of living in a shabby little home. Seeing the same sullen faces, walking through the same dilapidated neighborhood over and over again is not how he has depicted his life in his dreams. Like every kid, he is eager to set out on a real adventure, the one they write about in fairy tales and shoot movies. It’s time to break free from the ordinary and conquer the skies in the most epic journey ever!

So one day you decide to take flight and soar to new horizons. But how do you do that? By going up and up, higher and higher, using all sorts of crazy stuff that’ll make your head spin with excitement! First, you’ll be walking up some stairs. Then, you’ll have to set foot on a rickety wooden bridge, and as you step on it, it magically extends to new lengths, reaching for the heavens.

Climb, ascend, soar and get higher!

But bridges are just the beginning. As you ascend to new heights, you’ll encounter ropes hanging from the sky like giant vines. Swing on them like Tarzan, flip, and twirl – it’s like a circus act in the clouds! And let’s not forget about platforms that pop out of nowhere! One moment, you’re standing on solid ground, and the next, a platform appears beneath your feet, ready to catapult you to the stratosphere. Feels more like it now, eh?

Oh, and balloons – can’t forget those! Imagine colorful balloons floating in the sky, just waiting for you to grab hold and float into the clouds. It’s a carnival of balloons and wonder, and you’re the balloon-tamer extraordinaire! Sometimes you can even hitch a ride on something much bigger and more dangerous – like a zeppelin or even a helicopter. Watch out, these things can take you far and fast, but one slight misstep, and you’ll go tumbling all the way down!

Watch out for the dangers of the sky!

And even if you never slipped or tripped once, beware – it’s not all smooth sailing up there. You’ll encounter obstacles that’ll test your skills and determination. Watch out for gusts of wind that’ll push you off course, pesky birds that’ll try to knock you down, and random objects that seem to come out of nowhere to block your path. You’ll have to react quickly, think on your feet and jump, duck, tumble, what not at the speed of light.

The higher you go, the crazier it gets! The skies are like a canvas of dreams, filled with rainbow bridges, cotton candy clouds, and stars that twinkle just for you. You’ll be able to see a stunning picture of the world unfolding far below your feet, whole cities, and forests, and rivers, and mountain chains passing underneath as if you were crossing countries and continents in giant steps.

Marvel at the views and enjoy the adventure!

The visuals in Only Up are absolutely marvelous. This world is bursting with colors and wonders, and even simply looking at the screen as you make your way through the levels is sheer delight. You’re sure to stand up from your computer in a relaxed and heightened mood, like you just touched your childhood dream. And this game is nothing short of that!

So put on your favorite camping outfit, unleash your inner daredevil, and get ready to soar through the skies like a true champion! It’s going to be a wild trip on the verge of reality and fantasy. The heavens await, and so does your epic journey. Up, up, and away!

Only Up!

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