Welcome to the craziest, most fascinating and gravity-defying adventure of all time in Only Up 3D Parkour! You’re about to embark on an incredible journey into the realm where clouds float and planes fly. Get ready to climb, run, and flip your way through a world where the ground is just a suggestion and the sky’s the limit!

Let’s conquer the skies!

In Only Up 3D Parkour, you play as a reckless and fearless character with a love for the adventure and new horizons. Your mission is to ascend as high into the sky as possible, with bridges, platforms and aerial tunnels that challenge the laws of physics and obstacles that’ll leave you sweating like mad!

But hold on to your balloons and zeppelins, cause this ain’t your ordinary mountaineering trip! You’ll find yourself leaping from platforms like a ninja and bouncing on giant trampolines that make you feel like a kid in a candy store. You’ll be jumping across gaps widening right before your eyes, swinging on funicular ropes, and flipping through the air like a circus acrobat. And even riding on the funkiest aircrafts ever!

Beware of the obstacles though! Sassy seagulls that’ll try to snatch you mid-air, treacherous balloons that’ll launch you off course, and all kind of things that seem to pop out of the blue just to send you spinning like a top! Think you can deal with all this? Show off your amazing parkour skills and get as high as you can in this awesome celestial adventure!

Only Up 3D Parkour

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