Prepare to level up your gaming experience with the mind-blowing Only Up 3! This chapter is even crazier, wackier, and packed with more epic surprises than ever before. So what’s new in this sequel? Get your feet steady, cause we’ve got some seriously awesome upgrades that’ll blow your mind!

New levels, trickier obstacles, tougher gameplay!

First off, say hello to brand new levels that’ll take you to places you’ve never imagined. Imagine this: you’ll climb through fog-coated mountains, swing from giant vines growing right in the sky, and even bounce on storm clouds! You’ll get a chance to visit new towns, each one unique in its own way, and marvel at the latest technological achievements of air travel, and meet the quirkiest living beings making their way up high, sweeping past and gazing at you with their eyes just as wide open (cause they’re not used to seeing humans up close). It’s a rush of excitement and wonder!

The means of traveling upwards have also changed. Aside from your usual bunch of ropes, ziplines, funiculars, balloons, and zeppelins, there are new things added to the mix. Riding them will require you to react even faster and time your moves with even more precision. Some moments will be so full of adrenaline you may really feel like jumping with a parachute, even though actually sitting in your computer chair!

Smoother controls and better physics!

The controls have also become smoother, and the physics has been reworked to get even more realistic. Nothing like your run-of-the-mill arcade racing and leaping – you really need to weight every movement and look where you’re putting your feet. It’s all to easy to come crushing down to the ground here!

So, sky-high daredevils, let’s go on an adventure of a lifetime with Only Up 3! The wind is calling, the sky is blue and bottomless, and you can see the stars twinkling in its depth, through rays of sunshine. It won’t be too long before you reach them, too! You just have to believe in yourself and make your first step up!

Only Up 3

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