Get ready for a thrilling balloon-popping ride in Bloons TD 7! It’s like a wild and wacky circus of monkeys, balloons, and crazy tower defense strategies that’ll blow your head. Alert everyone, Bloons are coming!

So here’s the deal: you’re the fearless commander of a squad of monkeys, and your mission is to defend your turf from those mischievous and relentless Bloons. They’re like the clowns of the balloon world, and they won’t stop until they’ve invaded your territory.

Go, monkeys, go!

But don’t worry, cause you’ve got an arsenal of monkey towers at your disposal. And these aren’t your ordinary monkey towers – we’re talking epic upgrades, quirky abilities, and a whole lot of monkey business! You’ve got dart-throwing monkeys, bombardier monkeys, and even wizard monkeys that shoot magical spells. And that’s not all – you’ve got banana farms to earn you some serious cash (because monkeys love bananas, duh!), and even monkey aces flying through the sky, dropping bombs like it’s confetti!

But the bloons won’t go down without a fight, oh no! They’ve got an army of kamikaze balloons too. From speedy bloons that’ll leave your head spinning to camo bloons that’ll make you scratch your top, it’s a tricky parade of balloon shenanigans! And just when you think you’ve seen it all, the bloons bring out their biggest, baddest, and balloonest bosses to challenge you. Can you defend your turf and conquer the bloons? There’s only one way to find out – let the monkey mayhem begin!

Bloons TD 7

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