Think your nerves are made of steel and you can make it through any horror game without breaking sweat? The Backrooms is here to spook you out of your mind! Literally… Intrigued? Let’s start this maddening trip into the unknown then!

So you wake up in this crazy alternate dimension called The Backrooms. It’s like a labyrinth of mundane-looking rooms, endless hallways, and bizarre spaces that go on forever. Imagine a never-ending office building with outdated wallpaper and fluorescent lights that make you go, “What even is this place, man?”

Tricky puzzles, spooky creatures and downright insanity!

But hold on tight, cause it’s not all dull and dreary. The Backrooms is like an open-world playground of randomness and chaos. You’ll encounter all kinds of wacky stuff here. Namely, the entities – they’re like the grumpy neighbors who just want you to go away. They’ll pop out of nowhere and chase you down, so you gotta be quick on your feet. Think you can outrun them? You’ll be zig-zagging through the hallways like a pro!

To escape the Backrooms, you’ll also have to solve plenty of puzzles. They are waiting for you behind every door, and each of them is a conundrum of its own. Prepare to rake those melting brains of yours like your life depends on it (and actually, it this game it pretty much does)!

The Backrooms is procedurally generated, which means every time you play, it’s a new and wild experience. Talk about keeping things fresh! There are no quests or missions here – it’s all about embracing the absurdity and going with the flow. Can you survive the Backrooms and uncover its mysteries? There’s only one way to find out – let’s go!

The Backrooms

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