The epic sky adventures of the fearless kid named Jackie continue! In Only Up 2, you’re about to reach new heights, encounter new obstacles and enjoy new sights as you make your way through amazing locations, both down on the ground and up in the clouds. So don’t wait any further, let’s go!

Leave the earth far below!

You start in the slums, where Jackie’s determination to rise above his circumstances takes center stage. How are you about to break out of your shabby surroundings? Locate an elevator that’ll lift you to higher ground. This is how your grandiose journey begins – of course, you don’t know it yet, you just want to get some air. Little do you know that you’ll be touching the clouds and hearing the whisper of the stars soon enough!

But hold on, it’s not a simple stroll in the park – you’ll need to explore the slums and make your way though all the nooks and crannies of your dilapidated hometown. And something seems off because the people there are frozen, like statues. Maybe you finally see them for who they are – just action figures, stuck in their everyday routine, repeating the same cycle over and over again. The only ones moving are the birds, and they’re your ticket to freedom!

Rise into the very sky!

As you ascend, prepare yourself for heart-pounding action. Narrow pipes, tricky jumps, and climbing on objects will be your bread and butter. You have to stay alert every single second or you risk failing it by a mere inch and then you’ll find yourself back on the ground you so desperately wanted to escape. But guess what? Jackie’s got some nifty tricks up his sleeve. He can jump on a bed to reach higher places faster – talk about using your environment like a pro!

But don’t let the initial challenges fool you – as you progress, the difficulty levels up like a boss. One small slip-up, and you’ll find yourself back in the slums, which can be frustrating if you’ve come so far. Only Up relies heavily on patience and perseverance. It’s like a life lesson wrapped in a crazy platforming adventure!

This game doesn’t hold your hand with autosave or manual save. It’s all about taking it slow and steady to reach the top – just like Jackie’s journey through life. If you close the game, you’ll reset your progress, so you better be ready for a gaming marathon of epic proportions! Start playing Only Up 2 and see how high you will be able to climb!

Only Up 2

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