Only Up Online Game

Jack – and no beanstalk!

See that guy with disheveled hair and slightly crazy smile? That’s Jackie, the main hero of Only Up! He’s a little bit dreamy and his family says he’s got his head in the clouds. Well, maybe they are right and that’s where it belongs! At least, Jackie really hopes to feel what it’s like to touch those distant fluffy white cotton balls and see what they are made of up close. But most of all, he just wants to get away from all this, the slumbers he’s stuck at, his joyless life, troubles at home and the pressure he feels down here, on earth.

So one day he just packs his backpack, takes his trusty skateboard, puts on his favorite sneakers and sets out into the unknown! Picture this: Jackie’s navigating through a world where floating pipes and flying trains are just the norm! Yeah, you’re about to see all these things. But not so fast. For now, you have to make your way through the slums, and the first thing you’re about to do is as banal as taking the elevator. Don’t sweat it, this is going to be your first step to the top!

Wonders and dangers hand in hand!

The voyage you’re about to make in Only Up is both beautiful and enchanting, as well as daring and perilous. You’ll ascend higher and higher with each new level, and it won’t be long until the earth beneath you turns into a blurred expanse of green, with small squares of fields, and residential areas, and tiny puddles of lakes, and thin meandering mountain lines.

While still in the city, you won’t have a shortage of means to get higher and higher. You will be able to climb buildings and towers, use bridges, swing on ropes and hop onto funiculars, zipline through manufacturing yards and make your way to the top of skyscrapers clinging to ledges. However, soon enough you’ll leave the tallest city point far beneath, and a world of totally different possibilities and obstacles will open up in front of you.

Test your reflexes and persistence!

It’s like a true test of your skills and resilience. You’ll face hurdles and dangers at every turn, and you better believe it’s gonna get challenging! But hey, that’s the fun part – conquering the levels and feeling like a gaming champ! You’ll be running, jumping, and climbing on narrow pipes like a pro, hitching a ride on balloons and zeppelins, maybe even hang upside down from a helicopter for speedy traveling. You’ll be sliding through transparent aerial tunnels and trying to keep your balance on swinging bridges. You’ll be leaping from one treacherous platform to another praying that none of them starts moving right under your feet. In other words, tricky obstacles are lurking around every corner! You’ll need reflexes faster than lightning and nerves of steel to conquer them all.

Good reflexes and agility are a must to progress any further. And none of that progress can be saved! That’s right, once you quit the game, you’ll have to start over. And if you trip and fall, you won’t be thrown back to any of the checkpoints, like in other platformers of the sort. In Only Up, it’s only one shot. There is no way down, that’s what the game’s title says! So keep that in mind while taking another risk – if you fail, you’ll have to start from scratch. Jackie counts on you!

Unleash your inner kid and dream again!

Talking about Only Up, it’s absolutely necessary to mention the eye-popping graphics that open up in front of you as you progress through the game. From cloud-coated mountains to neon-lit cities, each level is a visual feast for your eyeballs! It’s a fascinating kaleidoscope of colors and wonders that will surely delight those who appreciate aesthetics, not just the gameplay. And the more time you spend in here the more you reconnect with your inner child, something we all are in great need of in today’s hectic and stressful world full of routine and duties.

Only Up has this magical property of making you feel young and dreamy again. You’ll quit the game feeling all relaxed and cheerful, with a tickle of mischief deep in your bones. And that adrenaline rush! The game challenges you to keep pushing forward, even when things get tough. It’s like a shot of confidence and determination, reminding you that slow and steady progress wins the race. Or in this case, a climb. So get ready, crazy sky walkers! With Jackie leading the way, you know you’re in for a daring and thrilling journey. Up, up, and awesome! Let’s go!

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